Russia Cuts Off Poland and Bulgaria

Russia Cuts Off Poland and Bulgaria

Russia Orders It SHUT OFF – This Is Escalation!

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin has been trying to boost the value of his national currency, the ruble, in the wake of harsh economic sanctions. One way he’s attempting to do that is by requiring countries to purchase natural gas in rubles. Two countries that have refused to cooperate have now been cut off.

On Wednesday, April 27, Kremlin-run energy company Gazprom announced it would no longer provide Bulgaria’s Bulgargaz or Poland’s PGNiG with energy supplies. The decision follows through on a threat Putin made to cut off “unfriendly countries.” It’s also a huge blow to the economies of both NATO countries. Bulgaria currently gets 90% of its gas from Russia while Poland receives 55%.

It’s unclear how much of those supplies come from Gazprom specifically. However, both countries have previously said they wouldn’t be renewing their contracts due to expire at the end of this year.

Unlike the US, Europe is very dependent on Russia for its energy. That’s why many Conservatives in America have advocated boosting US production in order to supply NATO nations with oil so they can stop boosting the Russian economy. President Joe Biden finally saw the light and agreed to increase America’s supply late last month. When that will begin to help Europe isn’t known at this point.

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