Russia Releases Footage of Nuclear Missile It Claims Could Reach UK in Five Minutes

Russia Releases Footage of Nuclear Missile It Claims Could Reach UK in Five Minutes

( – The Russian military invaded Ukraine in February and has now been at war with the neighboring country for weeks. As the war grows increasingly violent, other countries in the world are trying to figure out how they can intervene to help the Ukrainians without sparking WWIII. The nations have considered sending jets and other military equipment to help combat the attacks.

Russia has warned it’s at war against any of the countries hosting Ukrainian (or would-be Ukrainian) aircraft. Its Defense Ministry said it might conclude those countries are engaging in a military conflict against their country. Now, the Russian military made what seems like another threat — one that could spark global involvement.

Hypersonic Missile

Russia recently released footage of its Mach 9 Zircon (or Tsirkon) missile being test-fired in the White Sea aboard the Admiral Gorshkov frigate. State-controlled media has referred to the missile as the weapon of choice if Putin wants to target American cities. The missile can reportedly hit targets anywhere from 620 to 1,200 miles away. There are reports it could possibly hit London in as little as five minutes. Russia reportedly plans to deploy it from its frigates and eventually submarines.

The weapon is a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile. These types of missiles are especially concerning because they travel five times faster than the speed of sound, approximately 1 mile per second. There have been reports no missile defense system in the world is advanced enough to intercept the weapons. Aside from their speed, the missiles can allegedly circle the globe undetected in low-orbit before they hit their targets.

Threat to the West

The timing of the release of the footage coincides with Russia’s warnings about intervention from other nations. Russian state media TV network Zvezda confirmed the missile is so fast it could get past defense systems undetected.

The Sun reported Kremlin deputy premier Yury Borisov bragged his country is farther ahead than the US when it comes to hypersonic weapons. “[Russia] now [has] serious advantages” over the West and the country “will try to maintain this position” moving forward.

The concern is, of course, that Putin will do something to drag NATO countries into a war, and then he might use the nuclear-capable missile to launch a devastating attack.

Are you worried about Russia testing the missiles? Do you believe Putin might do something to provoke a war with the West?

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