Russian Invasion Appears Very Likely According to Adam Schiff

Russian Invasion Appears Very Likely According to Adam Schiff

( – Russia has had the world on the edge of its seat lately wondering, will they or won’t they invade Ukraine? With the continuing build-up of its military on Ukraine’s border, it’s not looking good. Now, one politician has addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

On Sunday, January 2, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to discuss the ongoing saga between the two countries. When asked by host Margaret Brennan what would stop Putin from his continued aggressions, including the invasion of Ukraine, Schiff said, “I think it would require enormous sanctions.” He continued saying “our allies need to be solidly on board with it.”

Schiff told Brennan it’s very likely the Kremlin will invade unless the US and NATO interfere in a significant way. Putin has already expressed frustration with what he believes is NATO encroachment and has demanded the alliance leave Eastern Europe, among other things, to no avail. The Russian president has also spoken personally with President Joe Biden, telling him if the US places sanctions on his country, it will drastically affect diplomatic ties.

In response to Russia’s continuing threat to Ukraine, NATO has increased its activity in the area — exactly the opposite of Putin’s demands. Whether or not it incenses the Kremlin remains yet to be seen. So far, Russia has been unresponsive to a NATO-Russia Council meeting request made last month.

Could this be a signal Russia is unwilling to cooperate?

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