Russians Using Iranian Kamikaze Drones Against Kyiv

Iran Kamikaze Drones

In a ramp-up of Russian military attacks against Ukraine, Iranian-made kamikaze drones struck the capital region on Thursday morning.

Four days in a row, residents of Kyiv Oblast were woken up by blasts of air raid sirens. Workers responded to Thursday’s strikes by rushing to the scene.

According to Kyiv regional governor Oleksiy Kuleba, the strikes hit somewhere along the perimeter of the capital. There are no details on the number of casualties, but deputy head of the presidential office Kyrylo Tymoshenko said on Telegram that “critical infrastructure facilities” were damaged.

Russian shelling also destroyed a five-story apartment building in the southern city of Mykolaiv overnight.

The top two floors of the building were completely destroyed in a single explosion, according to Mykolaiv Mayor Oleksandr Sienkovych. It has not been reported how many people were injured in that attack.

During Monday’s deadly strikes, Kyiv was hit at least four times, killing at least 19 people and injuring more than 100 across the country.

In the wake of Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia, tensions between Ukraine and Russia are escalating.

Russia’s military has increasingly used Iranian Shahed-136 drones to destabilize Ukraine. This week, Ukrainian military personnel shot down dozens of drones and Russian missiles through air defenses.

As Russia’s deadly assault against Ukraine continues, Western leaders have pledged to send air defense systems and weapons. Earlier this week, President Biden stated that Russia had miscalculated “significantly” by invading Ukraine.

“I think he thought he would be welcomed with open arms,” Biden said. “That this was the home of mother Russia and Kyiv… I think he totally miscalculated.”

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