Russia’s Super-EMP Weapon Could Take America Off the Grid

Russia's Super-EMP Weapon Could Take America Off the Grid

( – In 2021, much of the world is incredibly reliant on technology. Think about how often you use it in your daily life, technology probably touches almost every aspect from cooking your food to pumping your gas. The US military also heavily relies on technology. Drone strikes, missile strikes, defense systems, GPS and communications all require some form of tech.

Now, think about what would happen if there was a total blackout across the country without warning. It’s a terrifying thought, right?

HEMP Attack

For decades, the military has warned Congress that cyberattacks and nuclear attacks could one day go hand-in-hand, especially from Russia. Now, the former Soviet country has the weaponry to cause the kind of blackout mentioned above.

According to the Washington Times, Russia now possesses weapons designed to carry out high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) attacks on the US. A 2017 report by the EMP Commission, found that a foreign enemy could detonate a “Super-EMP” (a nuclear warhead designed for a HEMP attack) weapon at an altitude of roughly 248 miles (in space) and it would cover almost the entire United States.

An attack like this would render electronics useless, take down communications systems, and cause the transportation system to come to a complete halt.

Trump’s Space Force

When former President Donald Trump was in office he created an entirely new branch of the military called the Space Force. He wanted the branch to deal specifically with attacks in outer space. When he announced the plans to begin the military branch, Liberals laughed. In fact, Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, made a snide comment about it recently.

However, this very well could be the military force that saves the country in the future. The world is changing and America has to evolve with it, or suffer the consequences.

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