San Fran Enabling Homeless Addicts

(AbsoluteNews) – San Francisco is doing something extremely controversial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Apparently, the city has decided to provide homeless addicts with free marijuana, alcohol and methadone. The city’s Department of Public Health has even confirmed it.

Currently, San Francisco is housing many of its homeless residents in hotels. In mid-April, local lawmakers ordered Mayor London Breed to secure 7,000 rooms for people living on the streets. The health department says they’re also receiving drugs, tobacco and booze.

The fact that it’s not paid for by the taxpayers makes little difference. What if one of those homeless people has a drug overdose in their hotel room and their family decides to sue the city? Or what if they wander down the street and drop drugs on the ground? The list of things that can go wrong is long.

The city should not enable addicts, period. Instead, they can provide meetings and support if someone needs monitoring. For those addicted to alcohol or drugs and having withdrawals, they can be transported to the hospital.

Certainly, there’s a much better way to handle all of this, rather than offering handouts that do little to solve the problem.

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