San Francisco Mayor Asked to Resign From Power

San Francisco Mayor Asked to Resign From Power

( – On November 20, about 80 people broke into a Nordstrom store in the Walnut Creek suburb of San Francisco Bay, California, stole large amounts of merchandise, and fled the scene in their cars. This robbery is one of several grab-and-go crimes in the area, and local retailers want Mayor London Breed (D) to resign for failing to control the situation.

Family business owner, John Charles, said he “can’t really run a retail enterprise” when he needs to board up just a few weeks before the Christmas shopping season.

Some say Mayor Breed’s mission to defund the police after the murder of George Floyd is partially to blame for the increase of shoplifting in the area. In addition to channeling some funds out of the local police department, San Francisco mandated COVID-19 vaccines for cops, which led to a layoff of about 200 first responders in October.

Retailers still recovering from the looting during the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020 said they can’t continue to have a leader who has failed to protect them and their livelihoods.

The Walnut Creek Police Department warned other businesses to take precautions against this type of looting incident, as they’re “monitoring intelligence” that may suggest more smash and grabs in the area.

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