Sarah Palin Hopes to Take Case All the Way to Supreme Court

( – Former Republican Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin lost her lawsuit against the New York Times on February 15. However, the way the case ended caused outrage followed by speculation the case might make it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Palin sued the Times over a 2017 op-ed linking her to a 2011 Arizona mass shooting that critically injured former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) and left six people dead. On Monday, the day before the jury reached a verdict, US District Judge Jed Rakoff for the Southern District of NY said he would dismiss the case regardless of what the jury decided. He said he didn’t believe the Republican proved a key element of her case.

On Wednesday, the judge admitted some of the jurors received push notifications on their cell phones about the decision he made. He also gave an interview to Bloomberg about the case, which experts viewed as unusual considering an appeal is likely coming.

Legal experts think Palin could appeal the decision to the 2nd US Court of Appeals. She could argue the jury instructions didn’t explain the law properly. If the court rules against her, Palin could take the case to the Supreme Court. Considering the high court is now conservative, she might have a better outcome there. However, all of that is speculation. It’s unclear if the ex-governor is even going to appeal.

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