School Administrator Charged With Sex Crimes Against Student After Supplying Booze At Party

Rachelle Terry, 43, has been charged with disturbing criminal accusations. She served as the director of enrollment, data collection, and federal programs for the Murray County school system.

Despite her role in school administration, she put underage students in harm’s way with her predatory behavior. She was taken into custody on Wednesday, November 23.

Sheriff Jimmy Davenport received a report of minors being provided alcohol by an adult. They were consuming this illegally provided booze at a Halloween party they were attending.

Terry turned herself in after purchasing alcohol for minors. In total, she received 5 counts of alcohol distribution to minors. She also was charged with contributing to the delinquency of 5 minors.

However, additional charges had yet to be made regarding sex crimes against an underage student.

The Conasauga DA’s office handled the investigation of the party.┬áDistrict Attorney Bert Poston said he took charges of furnishing alcohol to minors and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and that information led to additional charges of statutory rape and child molestation.

Accusations of the school administrator having a sexual relationship with a student arose. As the investigation continues, these accusations are now being brought to light by the authorities. However, there is no further information that has been released on the extent of the woman’s sex crimes against a minor.

Terry has been held at the Murray County Jail since her arrest on November 22. She was placed on administrative leave with pay upon return from the Thanksgiving break. Due to the conditions of her contract, she won’t be without pay until her court hearing is complete.

A spokesperson for the school district spoke out and responded to news outlets, sharing the administration’s shock and horror over the wrongdoings of Rachelle Terry.