Schumer Demands Whistleblower Investigation

Two days after President Trump was acquitted by the Senate on impeachment charges by the House for his dealings with Ukraine, two key players were dismissed from their positions.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was escorted from the White House by security and it’s alleged he was told his services were no longer needed.

In addition, Vindman’s brother, Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, left the National Security Council and US Ambassador Gordon Sondland was recalled as Ambassador to the European Union.

Both Vindman and Sondland testified against Trump in the House impeachment hearings.

Vindman was not relieved of his duty. He was reassigned from the White House to the Department of Defense.

Schumer Calls for Investigations

On Monday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called for investigations into Trump’s removal of Vindman and Sondland.

Schumer alleges that the firings, along with attempts to expose the whistleblower that initiated the spark that led to the impeachment of Trump, need immediate attention to prevent retaliation.

Schumer sent letters to the government’s 74 inspector generals asking them to immediately investigate any retaliation against anyone who may have come forward with information about the president.

Schumer said, “Without the courage of whistleblowers… the American people may never have known how the President abused his power… It is incumbent on you that whistleblowers … are protected for doing what we hope and expect those who serve our country will do when called: tell the truth.”

David Pressman, an attorney representing Vindman, said his removal was political retribution — basically calling President Trump a liar.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted,

Could “More Heads Roll”?

On Fox & Friends on Monday morning, Steve Doocy asked White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway if more heads would roll in the wake of the acquittal.

Conway said that it’s “ridiculous” for Schumer and Democrats to allege there is “retaliation” by Trump. She added that these positions are temporary and that it’s normal to return to their normal jobs. She also said there are numerous holdovers from the Obama administration who work at the White House and don’t subscribe to Trump’s foreign policy agenda.

In total, 8 of the 12 officials who testified publicly at the impeachment hearings have either left, been fired, or were reassigned.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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