Second Mass Stabbing Fugitive Caught. Dies In Police Custody.


Canadian authorities report that the second of two men accused of fatally stabbing 10 people in a Saskatchewan Indigenous community died after being arrested on Wednesday.

According to Rhonda Blackmore, a commanding officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Myles Sanderson, 32, went into medical distress after authorities forced a stolen truck off the road. He was pronounced dead at a hospital in Saskatoon.

It was not immediately clear what caused his death. His brother Damien Sanderson is also accused of being involved in the violent weekend spree.

“This evening, our province is breathing a collective sigh of relief,” Blackmore said.

In the Wakaw area, a homeowner reported seeing Sanderson armed with a knife outside his home on Wednesday. According to the homeowner, Sanderson got into his Chevy Avalanche and drove off.

The truck was spotted at 3:30 p.m. hitting 90 mph on a highway and officers pursued it, according to Blackmore. Myles Sanderson was arrested after officers forced the car into a ditch.

Blackmore said the man was alone and it wasn’t clear where he was going. He was treated by officers after exhibiting signs of distress, and an ambulance transported him to the hospital.

An initial search of the truck turned up no drugs or knives, she said.

The motive for the violent spree that unfolded Sunday morning at the James Smith Cree Nation and in Weldon is still unclear. A 200-mile drive north of Regina lies the James Smith Cree Nation.

According to officials, both targeted and random victims were targeted in a series of knife attacks.

“Witnesses and people around him only have so much information,” Blackmore said, referring to Myles Sanderson.

“His motivation may at this time and forever only be known to Myles,” she said.

The body of Damien Sanderson was discovered at 11:30 a.m. on Monday with visible injuries that aren’t believed to be self-inflicted.
The Sandersons are also suspected of injuring 18 people at 13 crime scenes in addition to the 10 slayings.

Myles Sanderson was released from prison after serving four years for assault and robbery just months before the stabbing spree. The release of Myles Sanderson, who had 59 previous convictions, occurred in February, and by May, officials were seeking him for violating his release conditions.

According to court records, Myles Sanderson attacked and stabbed one of the victims who was killed in the weekend rampage seven years ago.

Safety officials said they would review the parole board’s decision to release Sanderson.

Marco Mendicino, Canadian Public Safety Minister, asked why he was released. It is extremely concerning what transpired here. “A community has been left reeling.”

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