Secret Service Agent Receives Big Honor

( – Secret Service agents put their lives on the line all the time to protect lawmakers and other heads of government. However, it’s what one agent did on his time off that’s now being applauded.

Agent Matthew Schierloh received an honorary rescue buoy from members of the US Lifesaving Association and Rehoboth Beach Patrol alumni for saving a woman’s life at the start of summer.

On June 18, Agent Schierloh was at Broadkill Beach, Delaware, enjoying his day off. He’d just returned home from Belgium and was out with his wife and kids when he noticed something odd in the water. A woman, identified as Mary Tucker, was in the water about 500 yards from the shore. She looked like she was in trouble. That’s when the agent took action.

Schierloh jumped into the Delaware Bay and started swimming toward her. He told the Cape Gazette the current was really strong. When he reached Tucker, she jumped on his back. He calmed her down, told her to hold the raft she’d fallen off of and started swimming toward the shore.

When former Rehoboth Beach Patrol lifeguards Pete Hartsock and Woody Marderwald heard about the rescue, they decided to award Schierloh for his bravery. The agent said he felt “honored to receive the buoy” and commended the lifeguards for protecting the area’s people. Schierloh and his wife always take a floatation device with them when they go to the beach now.

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