Secret Service Says Incels Are a Growing Threat

Secret Service Says Incels Are a Growing Threat

( – In 2018, a man named Scott Paul Beierle carried out a mass shooting in Tallahassee, Florida, leaving two women dead and four injured. He was labeled an “involuntary celibate” (incel), after the attack. Nearly four years after the shooting, the Secret Service is warning there could be more similar attacks.

In March, the Secret Service published the results of a case study into the Florida shooting carried out by the agency’s National Threat Assessment Center. According to the findings, Beierle had a long history of “inappropriate and criminal behavior directed toward women and girls.” He was barred from public establishments, lost jobs and was sent to jail. Although he didn’t identify as an incel, many of his beliefs aligned with those who do. The federal law enforcement agency believes this ideology is a growing threat in America.

The Secret Service identified specific themes found in Beierle’s background that law enforcement indicates could be factors leading to other attacks. Here are a few:

  • intense/escalating anger
  • homicidal ideations
  • concerning and threatening communications
  • history of being bullied
  • concerning online content

The agency noted some of the activity is constitutionally protected and that should be kept in mind. The report also noted misogynistic behavior isn’t limited to high-profile acts but frequently appears more often in domestic abuse and stalking.

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