Secretary of State Pompeo Says Communist Party Is Inside the Gates

Secretary of State Pompeo Says Communist Party Is Inside the Gates

( – For years, the American government has failed to recognize China as a serious threat. Leaders from both parties seemed to pretend as though the Chinese Communist Party was an ally, not an adversary. President Donald Trump changed that, but it’s been an uphill battle according to one of his top officials.

On January 4, the Epoch Times published an interview with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The Trump official told Jan Jekielek that previous presidential administrations failed in regards to China. They acted as though the trade deals with the country would essentially fall in line. The US took its “eye off this enormous threat” and now the Communist Party is “inside the gates.”

President Trump has tried to remedy the situation and put America in a better position. He’s renegotiated trade deals, sanctioned the communists and kicked Chinese operatives out of the country. He’s been incredibly tough on China; a policy he will continue if he has the opportunity to serve a second term.

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