Security Camera Shows Moment Clown Looking Thug Pulls Gun To Attempt Home Robbery

Follow Home Robbery

Scary moments for a Colorado couple as an assailant wearing a disguise ran up behind them as they finished their walk. The couple was able to slam their front door shut as the would-be robber pointed a gun at them.

A few minutes later, the suspect and a female accomplice are believed to have robbed another person at gunpoint, according to authorities. A man was robbed at gunpoint who was loading up his vehicle just half a mile away, police said.

“Although they both appear to be wearing costumes or at least wigs, their faces are quite clear. In other words, odds are you’ll recognize them if you know them,” the Wheat Ridge Police Department wrote.

The suspects fled the scene in a silver SUV, described as possibly a Kia Sportage.

Follow-home robberies are spiking in the last six months, and police are encouraging citizens to be extra vigilant of their surroundings. Even when heading home. Good entry cameras and flood lights on sensors are also a good idea.

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