Security Footage Shows Teen Criminals ‘Celebrating’ Moments After Shooting Targeted Victim

Atlanta police released surveillance video of the moments after a deadly shooting near Atlantic Station in midtown over the weekend. The teens appeared to be celebrating after shooting their intended target.

A group of teens was kicked out of Atlantic Station because they broke the curfew rules. They encountered Cameron Jackson, who was riding on scooters toward Atlantic Station with two of his friends. Soon after, deadly gunfire erupted.

Zyion Charles, 12, was one of six young people shot a group of teens opened fire on the 17th Street Bridge on Saturday night. He died on the scene. 15-year-old Cameron Jackson was also shot during the shooting and died from his injuries.

Detectives are focusing on two suspects featured in the surveillance video of the area, one in a yellow and black hoodie and the other in a blue hoodie. Police are investigating whether the shooting was gang-related, but surveillance video appears to show the two suspects flashing gang symbols.

The suspect in the blue hoodie and the young man in the yellow and black hoodie continued on doing the train ride after the shooting, making gestures and talking about the shooting.

Cameron Jackson was shot to death by a group of young men who had just been removed from Atlantic Station.

Cameron’s mother says she is committed to stopping the killings and ensuring her youngest son’s death was not in vain. She said anyone could have been hit during the shooting.

Cameron Jackson’s family said he was a good kid who had been boxing since he was nine years old. Cameron boxed six days a week and had dreams of competing in the 2024 Olympics in Paris. His coach said he had never seen any evidence of Cameron being involved with gang activity.