Self-Proclaimed Satanist Beats Woman With Rock And Cuts Off Her Fingers And Toes For Sacrifice Ritual


Sarah Hopson, 36, was found dead in her RV, with her fingers, toes, and ears stuffed in a plastic freezer bag. A piece of the carpet had been cut out of the floor, and Hopson’s body was wrapped up inside of it.

Ethan Kyle Myers, 26, was arrested on Sunday and charged with evading arrest and murder in the death of Sarah Hopson. Myers was arrested after dodging police by hiding in the woods.

Myers was staying at the home of Price and Louviere. Myers was reportedly acting strangely at thier home, and had been involved in “cult activity”. After he mysteriously fled from their house and appeared to be covered in blood one day, they called the authorities.

Allen Price and Teresa Louviere believed Ethan Myers did something to Sarah Hopson, and they requested a welfare check for her. When they responded to this call and arrived at the scene, deputies found her lifeless body inside her RV.

Authorities found a tool that indicated there had been blood spatter along the way. A search of Myers’ vehicle turned up several items, including a rock that appeared to match the wound sustained by Hopson.

Authorities said the room smelled of fresh paint, and they found Dollar General bags filled with cleaning supplies. Investigators claim that it is unclear if Myers and Hopson were in a relationship. However, the mother of murder suspect Ethan Kyle Myers had some disturbing details to add.

Myers’ mother claims that her son was told by Hopson to sacrifice her in a Satanist sacrifice ritual. He was also known to hear voices, indicating possible mental illness.

Myers was reportedly a member of the Church of Satan, though it remains unclear if he was truly part of the group. The organized Church of Satan typically self-identifies as non-violent.

Despite their contribution to the discovery of Hopson’s body, Price and Louviere were not found to be completely innocent. They were also arrested and charged with tampering/fabricating physical evidence.

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