Sen. Graham Has Unusual Request For Federal Judges

Sen. Graham Has Unusual Request For Federal Judges

( – When it comes to federal judges, there’s no doubt the Republican Party has played it smart. The Democratic Party never really had a game plan there, but appointing young, conservative justices was something the Right focused on for a long time. Now, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has a request for seniors on the bench.

During a recent radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, Graham urged judges in their 60s to think about retiring before November. The senator explained their decision to step aside would ensure courts are “right of center.”

If judges retire now, President Donald Trump would nominate replacements and the Republican-controlled Senate can confirm them. In theory, the Democratic Party could take the White House and Congress in November, then the GOP would lose its opportunity to move the courts to the Right and protect the Constitution from radical justices.

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