Sen. Ron Johnson Says Special Counsel Needed to Investigate Biden

Sen. Ron Johnson Says Special Counsel Needed to Investigate Biden

( – The mainstream media and Democratic Party are trying hard to ignore the Hunter Biden scandal. However, Republican lawmakers aren’t willing to let it go. One senator is suggesting the DOJ should do more.

During an October 28 interview with Fox Business’ “Morning with Maria,” Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) discussed the Hunter Biden scandal. He said he believes if Joe Biden wins the presidency, a special counsel will need to investigate the allegations against him and his son.

Johnson said he thinks “all this evidence is going to be buried” if this doesn’t happen. That wasn’t the first time the senator commented on the scandal. He’s also commented on the fact that the press isn’t asking Joe Biden enough questions.

The senator’s concerns are valid. If Joe Biden wins the election next week, his administration would almost certainly bury this story. The Democratic nominee isn’t answering questions about it now; he’d have zero incentive to be honest if he wins. A special counsel may be the only person who can get to the bottom of the scandal.

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