Senate Continues Debate Over Whistleblower

The Senate’s impeachment trial is over, but it’s just getting started on deciding how to deal with the infamous whistleblower.

The probe, which was paused during the trial, will determine if senators will be allowed to speak to the unnamed person.

Prior to the Senate trial, lawyers for the whistleblower informed members of the bipartisan panel that their client would be willing to answer questions under oath, but only if they could be written down. Many senators were unhappy with this, and a compromise was never reached.

One of the big issues between members of the panel is whether the whistleblower’s identity should be kept secret. Some feel that knowing their identity would help determine if they had ulterior motives, while others worry about the whistleblower’s safety. It’ll be interesting to see if they can work together and decide on an outcome that everyone agrees to.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on what steps the Senate plans on taking next.

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