Senator Ron Johnson Sends Letter Over Alleged Discovery Among Troops

( – In August, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin sent a memo informing the military services he was implementing a vaccine mandate. The branches each had different deadlines to comply, but all service members were supposed to be fully vaccinated by mid-December. A Republican senator is now raising concerns about the possible increase in other disorders during 2021.

On February 1, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) sent a letter to Austin to discuss a roundtable the lawmaker recently held about the COVID-19 vaccine. At the meeting, he listened to comments from Thomas Renz, a lawyer who is representing three alleged Department of Defense whistleblowers. The attorney claimed there was an increase in other diseases in the military last year. Johnson claimed there’s a concern the illnesses might be tied to the vaccine.

According to the senator’s letter, Renz’s clients used the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) to find the alleged increases in conditions in 2021 compared to the previous five years. Some of the reported increases include high blood pressure, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, testicular cancer, throat cancer, thyroid cancer and other illnesses.

Johnson’s office didn’t explain the timeframe for the increases. Austin’s mandate was announced at the end of August and required troops to get both doses by mid-December. Neither Johnson nor Renz revealed whether the increases took place within that time period. The senator asked Austin whether he’s aware of the increases and if the Pentagon has removed any diagnoses from the DMED database. Austin has yet to reply.

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