Senior Zoom Employee Exposed as Chinese Spy

( – The video conferencing app Zoom has exploded in popularity during the pandemic as businesses, churches and schools look for an alternative way to communicate. Unfortunately, that may have left thousands, perhaps millions, of Americans vulnerable.

According to a December 18 statement from the DOJ, one of Zoom’s former executives was allegedly a spy for the Chinese government. The federal government charged Xinjiang Jin after he shut down video conferences commemorating the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Americans were hosting the meetings he interfered in, which led to an investigation by the DOJ. Federal authorities charged him with conspiracy to transfer a means of identification and conspiracy to commit interstate harassment.

The news once again illustrates why it’s dangerous for Americans to use apps run by people based in China. The Communist country is known for its control of companies operating in the country. This is exactly the sort of issue that led to President Donald Trump’s executive orders targeting TikTok and other Chinese apps.

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