Shocking Footage Leaked to Public After Flight

Shocking Footage Leaked to Public After Flight

( – One of the measures in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will establish an office solely dedicated to investigating unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). These objects used to be known as UFOs. Recently, two inexplicable sightings in the sky further highlighted the need for such an agency.

On December 9, a woman told TMZ her grandson walked outside around 9 p.m. to take the trash out. He looked toward the sky above his Chino Hills, CA home and saw a cluster of odd lights in the sky. His grandma came outside and started filming the scene. In the video, you can hear the family trying to figure out what they’re looking at. They say they didn’t see any beams indicating the lights in the sky were coming from the ground. According to the woman, the lights circled in patterns in the sky before finally disappearing.

That wasn’t the only recent sighting of something strange in the sky. On November 24, an American military pilot was high above the South China Sea when he saw a formation of dots in the sky. In a video of the incident, the pilot is heard saying, “I don’t know what that is. That’s some weird s***.”

There are all kinds of theories about what the pilot may have witnessed, but no definitive answers. It’s yet another incident of a mysterious UAP sighting.

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