SHOCKING: Maniac Destroys Gas Station and Tosses Dog

A man attacked a  Chucky Mart gas station in a town in New Mexico. The man was previously known to have run-ins with the law that included violent outbursts.

This occurred in the town of Dona Ana. Right away the assailant started yelling at the clerk and throwing objects on the counter at her. Before he escalated the attack. To include destroying counter top cases, throwing loaded bottles, boxes, and shelves, punching the protective screen and drop kicking merchandise cases.

Customers in the parking lot heard the clerk screaming for help and dialed 9-1-1.

After completely destroying the store the crazed man went to the parking lot and attempted a carjacking on a senior citizen who had pulled up to get gas. What happened next was down right disturbing.

First Silva can be seen opening a passenger door to the customer’s minivan, and grabbing and throwing the customer’s dog, which ran away. When the customer in the van got out of his car to confront Silva he was brutally assaulted by Silva before other patrons of the gas station ran to the customers rescue and chased Silva off.

The Dona Ana County Sheriff’s office was able to apprehend Elee Silva, and he is facing multiple felony charges including destruction of property, assault, felony animal cruelty, and resisting arrest. He caused more than $20,000 in damages, the store’s manager said.

Elee Silva was previously charged, in 2020,  in Las Cruces New Mexico with crimes in a Walmart and spitting on a police officer. Prosecutors, in that case, failed to seal a conviction.

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