Shocking: Woman Accuses Diddy of Grooming Her into Sex Trafficking at Star-Studded Events

Los Angeles, California – A new allegation has emerged against Sean “Diddy” Combs, this time involving claims of grooming for sex trafficking. Adria English filed a lawsuit accusing the rapper of exploiting her in the early 2000s, opening up a new legal battle for the music mogul.

English detailed her account of meeting Combs in 2004 after her then-boyfriend tried out for a modeling gig with Sean John, Combs’ fashion brand. According to the lawsuit, English’s partner and another model were reportedly asked to perform sexual acts on Combs to secure the job, a proposition they refused.

Despite the initial refusal, English claimed her partner was offered a second chance if she agreed to work as a dancer at one of Combs’ parties in the Hamptons. She alleged that she eventually started working regularly at Combs’ events, where she was expected to entertain guests and consume substances laced with narcotics.

The lawsuit further stated that Combs allegedly instructed English to engage in sexual activities with various individuals, including jeweler Jacob Arabov, who is named as a defendant in the case. English claimed that after these encounters, Combs congratulated her and provided additional payment.

English also accused Tamiko Thomas of facilitating Combs’ alleged sex trafficking operation, drawing comparisons to Ghislaine Maxwell’s involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. The lawsuit detailed a pattern of coercion and abuse, leading to emotional trauma and professional setbacks for English.

Combs, through his representatives, has not yet responded to the allegations. This marks the latest legal challenge for the rap icon, who has faced a series of accusations from multiple individuals in recent months, including claims of rape and abuse. The ongoing legal saga suggests a potential indictment may be looming, as federal prosecutors reportedly prepare to bring Combs’ accusers before a grand jury.