Shooting kills 4 victims in the middle of the night

A deadly shooting took place outside a club in Houston, Texas.

“Over 50 shots were fired” during the shooting according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. The incident took place in the parking lot outside of the club in question.

According to Gonzalez, police responded around 2 am and discovered five people had been shot. Hospitalization was required for all victims.

One person died, and police are still assessing the extent of the injuries sustained by the four victims, he said. Gonzalez reported that two men and three women were shot.

The sheriff shared in an interview, “it looks like over 50 shots were fired here, which is a very scary situation considering there’s a mobile food truck and…the number of patrons that were outside.”

The information officials had was “preliminary,” but Gonzalez believes the shooting was a drive-by.

Gonzalez said, “we believe there may have been a vehicle that pulled up right around the 2 a.m. time frame.” As he continued sharing, he stated, “there were multiple people inside the vehicle, exited the vehicle, and began opening fire upon the patrons that were outside of the club at the time.”

The shooting is being investigated by homicide investigators who are trying to locate witnesses, authorities said.