Shooting Outside Of Bar Leaves 9 People Injured


Police are seeking multiple suspects in a shooting that wounded a large number of people outside a Philadelphia bar Saturday night.

Multiple individuals are suspected of firing into a crowd outside a Philadelphia bar Saturday night, wounding at least nine people. The gunmen fled in a black-colored vehicle.

Police are trying to gather video surveillance that may help identify the suspects. So far, least 40 pieces of ballistic evidence have been recovered.

The shooting happened on a warm evening with many people out on the streets. As they tried to enjoy the night’s weather, they came across a rampage of violence that was completely unexpected.

It has not yet been determined whether the suspects opened fire on a crowd randomly or with a particular target in mind. Police assume the suspects may have spotted someone they wanted to shoot at before firing at the crowd.

The shooting took place in a high traffic area that was heavily patrolled by officers on Saturday night, Stanford said. Police are asking those in the area to assist with additional information so that the investigation can continue to progress.

A narcotics strike force had been carrying out an operation further along the block when the shooting took place, First Deputy Commissioner John Stanford said. As the police try to nail down a motive for this crime, the nearby strike could possibly point to a motive the suspects had for their violent actions.

The nine victims who were shot are now being hospitalized and are receiving treatment for their gunshot wounds. Out of all of their sustained injuries, two of the victims are currently in critical condition. The rest have been reported to be stable despite the circumstances.

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