Shootout In Border Town Leaves 7 Cartel Members And 1 Solider Dead

According to officials, one Mexican soldier and seven suspected cartel members were killed in a shootout Wednesday in Nuevo Laredo.

There was one death and seven wounded soldiers among the servicemen in the area, according to Tamaulipas Police.

During the firefight, seven attackers were also killed.

Several violent incidents have taken place in the area in recent months, and last month the U.S. Consulate advised Americans to shelter in place due to the sustained level of danger.

An advisory released on Nov. 28 stated that the “Consulate has received reports of multiple gunfights throughout Nuevo Laredo following an arrest operation.”

There have been previous shootings in this city after a cartel leader was arrested. The Northeast Cartel, an offshoot of the Zetas, has long controlled the area.

A number of cartels in Mexico respond to the arrest of leading members by creating chaos, either to avoid arresting or transferring suspects or to pressure authorities to release them. López Obrador said the suspect had been taken to Mexico City already.