Signs That Show That End of Life Is Near

Signs That Show That End of Life Is Near

( – There is only one certainty in life: everyone is going to die. Sadly, nobody has figured out how to become immortal, so it’s something everyone has to come to terms with at some point. For many people, losing someone is the most difficult part of living. If that loved one is at the end of life, there might be a few ways to help figure out when the end is near.

According to Katrina Taee, an end-of-life doula and author of “Surviving the Tsunami of Grief,” she believes there are signs people can look for that might help them prepare for the death of a loved one. Although these aren’t signs listed by a medical doctor, she learned to recognize them through her experience not only at work but when her mom died.

Taee says the following signs might mean the end is coming:

  • As the person nears death, the skin might appear pale or look like it’s yellowing.
  • A person’s eyes might become glassy or the pupils may be fixed at the end of life.
  • The person might have a diminished appetite or refuse to eat at all.
  • A dying person usually sleeps more and talks less.
  • The breathing might change and become shallow, hard, or gasping.
  • A dying loved one might start talking about going home or taking a trip.

In addition to those signs, family and friends might want to watch for the Lazarus Moment. That happens when an unresponsive person suddenly wakes up and starts chatting like nothing is wrong. It might seem like there’s a burst of energy in the hours or days before death.

Recognizing the possible signs of death could give family members time to say goodbye. That’s incredibly important for those who will need to heal from that loss in the months and years ahead.

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