Six People Shot Outside Church During Funeral Service

At least six people were injured after a shooting erupted outside a church in Pittsburgh where a funeral was taking place, according to Pittsburgh Police Commander Rick Ford. At least 20 rounds were fired near a church, and police are increasing their presence in areas of concern.

Six people were shot outside a funeral service for John James Hornezes, Jr. Five people were taken to hospitals, and one victim was taken to a children’s hospital.

The man who the funeral was hosted for also experienced gun violence at the end of his life. John Hornezes Jr., a North Side resident, was killed during a triple shooting this month near Allegheny Commons. Two women were also killed during that triple shooting, both described by police as innocent bystanders.

The condition of one of the victims from the funeral’s shooting has been stabilized, and five more people are being treated for injuries, Ford said. Sources from the shooting incident claim that there was likely more than one gunman that opened fire outside the service.

According to Commander Ford, the investigation is still in progress. He declined to release the ages of the victims or other identifying information. The church where the shooting occurred was planning to host a Halloween harvest event this weekend, and Ford shared that the church would continue with their plans despite the incident.

Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey said the community is hurting, and he will do whatever is necessary to apprehend those that did this heinous crime. He visited the scene of Friday’s shooting and pleaded with the public not to retaliate.

In an effort to assist the police investigation, Gainey urged the community to provide the police with any information they might need. The mayor also shared that although he didn’t have all the information, he concluded that the shooting at the funeral appeared to be a targeted shooting.