Six-year-old killed by badminton racket in freak accident

LIMERICK, ME – A 6-year-old girl’s vacation in Maine with her family ended in tragedy when she was fatally injured by a broken badminton racket. The incident occurred on June 1 while Lucy Morgan was sitting on the sideline during a game her brother was playing.

The local fire department and emergency medical services were dispatched to a residence in the town of Limerick, Maine, to attend to the injured child. According to investigators, Lucy Morgan was struck in the head when the aluminum shaft of a badminton racket came apart from its wooden handle.

The young girl’s father, Jesse Morgan, described the mishap as a “freak accident” in a blog post. Morgan, who is a pastor at Green Pond Bible Chapel situated in Newfoundland, New Jersey, stated that the sharp end of the racket inflicted a major brain injury on his daughter when it came in contact with her head following a downward swing during the game.

Following the accident, Lucy was transported to a local Sanford hospital before being airlifted to Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. Despite medical intervention, Lucy succumbed to her injuries four days after the incident.

Green Pond Bible Chapel’s lead pastor, Ryan Boys, announced the heartbreaking news of Lucy’s death in a Wednesday letter to their community. He acknowledged the difficult juxtaposition of Lucy’s joyous transition to heaven and the grief her loss inflicted on earth.

In the wake of this incident, a GoFundMe campaign in Lucy’s memory has been set up and has already surpassed the $123,000 mark in donations.