Snopes Founder’s Second Wife Makes Startling Accusations Against Him

( – Snopes is arguably the most well-known fact checker online. The website is loathed by partisan website owners on both sides of the aisle. However, the site is not without its own controversies. Most recently, a woman accused its founder of horrific acts of violence.

Startling Accusations

On September 9, Snopes Founder David Mikkelson’s alleged estranged wife, Elyssa Young, accused him of rape. In an emotional post, she lashed out at her parents whom she called “completely self-absorbed narcissistic pieces of work.” She said her mother, who once worked for a sexual assault relief program for the county, didn’t want Elyssa to mess things up with her “rich husband.”

Mikkelson’s wife went on to claim he assaulted her “every morning.” She said the Snopes founder would only engage with her sexually if she were “asleep and clothed.” Elyssa told her friends that she “sobbed to him to stop” and even told his therapist what was happening. She also accused lawyers of convincing her that her husband was a nice guy, telling her she “should not persue [sic] domestic violence charges.”

It’s unclear whether Elyssa plans to file charges against Mikkelson. It’s important to note she’s not the only one to accuse him of disgusting behavior.

The First Wife

Before Mikkelson married Elyssa, he was married to Barbara Hamel. She worked on the website with him and helped build it, making next to nothing a massive success.

The marriage ended up falling apart. At the time, the company was in both of their names, each owning 50%. In 2014, Barbara filed for divorce. The Daily Mail reported she accused her husband of cheating on her with Elyssa, a former prostitute.

Barbara asked the court to restrict his access to the company bank accounts, claiming he was spending money on lavish trips. She eventually sold her part of the company to Proper Media. The company went into court and accused him of “a lengthy scheme of concealment and subterfuge to gain control of the company and to drain its profits.”

Mikkelson went on to use the lawsuits to crowdfund hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mikkelson now faces allegations years after the divorce drama and lawsuits from the co-owners, that could land him in prison if Elyssa decides to take her story to the police.

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