Social Media App Purges Astonishing Number of Videos

Social Media App Purges Astonishing Number of Videos

( – Since the 2020 election, Big Tech has taken many steps to censor the voices of Conservatives who have questions about whether the outcome of the race was correct. Former President Donald Trump was banned from all major social media platforms, as were other prominent Conservatives. Recently, TikTok, an app partially-owned by a Chinese company, also took steps to censor American voters.

On February 24, TikTok released a report outlining how many videos it has removed from its platform recently. According to the release, the company has taken down more than 347,000 for allegedly spreading “election misinformation, disinformation, or manipulated media.”

The company claimed it worked with fact checkers to determine what’s true or not, but didn’t state which checkers specifically. It’s possible they could have a left-wing bias just like the majority of Big Tech. Although there are a lot of questions left unanswered, what’s clear is that the company has no business censoring Americans who are concerned about their democracy. The fact that they are allowed to do it is an outrage.

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