Social Media Platform Gets Giant Investment

Social Media Platform Gets Giant Investment

( – Many Americans have been looking for alternative social media platforms recently as Facebook, Twitter and the other popular have become more suffocating. For those who want to get away from Facebook, a competing platform just got a big boost in funding.

On April 25, Mighty Networks CEO and Founder Gina Bianchini announced her company has raised $50 million. She explained the money will be used to help millions of people to create content. The app isn’t just a social media platform, it helps creators grow their brands by giving them “everything they need to build community, memberships, events, and live online courses.”

Since 2017, the company has attracted 10,000 people to the platform. Mighty Networks is ad-free; the company makes money by selling online courses and membership subscriptions. The lack of advertising gives content creators more control over their brands. Bianchini explained that her platform is fairer because creators will no longer have to “rent audiences” from massive tech companies. It’s too early to tell how popular Mighty Networks will be, but it’s clear people are thirsty for something new.

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