Soldier Launches Brutal Attack in Ukraine

( – The Russian government amassed about 100,000 troops along the eastern border of Ukraine, prompting NATO members to make an effort to protect the country against a possible invasion. One Ukrainian National Guard soldier added to the instability by opening fire inside a rocket factory in Dnipro, killing five people and injuring another five. Four fellow soldiers and one civilian are among the dead.

After the fatal shooting, the gunman stole a Kalashnikov rifle and 200 rounds of ammo and fled the area, which happened to be under 200 miles from the Russian border of the country.

A manhunt ensued, and officials caught 21-year-old Artem Ryabchuk while he attempted to hitchhike out of the area. The State Bureau of Investigation (DBR) later stated he called police to surrender. Local authorities are trying to determine how the young man passed a psychological evaluation giving him such free access to dangerous weapons.

Ryabchuk gave no motive for his killing spree. Apparently, he calmly told police he killed the civilian because she wouldn’t let him out of the factory. Video cameras recorded the disturbing event.

Ukraine’s deputy interior minister Anton Gerashchenko announced the murderer would “suffer the most severe punishment” for his crime.

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