Sounding the Alarm Over Mail-In Voting

( – The Democratic Party has been punching hard for states to expand mail-in voting. The GOP and President Donald Trump, however, are not convinced. They believe it’ll lead to widespread fraud, and a recent United States Postal Service (USPS) memo is sounding an alarm.

According to a Fox News report, they received a memo from USPS discussing the recent cutbacks at the agency. It says mail carriers might be forced to leave mail at distribution centers so they can stay on schedule. That means ballots could potentially be left on the floor or docks.

Elizabeth Harrington, an RNC national spokeswoman, spoke out about the issue on Twitter.

The USPS claims the budget cuts aren’t going to impact election mail, but realistically, officials can’t guarantee that. Potentially leaving the ballots on the floor of a distribution center, along with other mail, seems like a recipe for disaster. We can only hope the voting scheme doesn’t expand and put our presidential process in jeopardy.

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