South China Sea Incident Leaves 7 US Sailors Injured

South China Sea Incident Leaves 7 US Sailors Injured

( – On Sunday, January 23, the Pentagon deployed two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea amid increased aggression from China against Taiwan. It’s the largest show of force in the disputed water in months. While in the region, the US Navy experienced a mishap that left several sailors injured.

According to a statement by the Navy, a crew assigned to an F-35C Lightning II jet was conducting a routine flight when it had a landing mishap on the USS Carl Vinson. The pilot ejected from the aircraft before it crashed and is in stable condition. Seven sailors were also injured in the accident. Four of them were treated onboard and three required MEDEVAC to a healthcare facility in Manila, Philippines.

The USS Carl Vinson and the USS Abraham Lincoln are the two US aircraft carriers in the South China Sea. Japan has also deployed its Navy to the area.

In response to the show of force by the US and Japan, China has sent 39 warplanes into the Taiwanese air defense identification zone (ADIZ). China’s aggressive military incursions are the largest this year (of course, we are less than a month into the new year).

The US Navy said an investigation into the landing incident is ongoing.

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