Spectrum Outage Sparks Chaos Across Texas: Internet, TV, and Phone Services Down

San Antonio, Texas – A widespread Spectrum outage disrupted internet, TV, and phone services across Texas on Tuesday afternoon, affecting thousands of customers. The outage was announced by Spectrum, with services halted due to damage to a Spectrum tower in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl.

According to officials, the outage impacted internet, cable TV, and phone services, with reports of over 31,000 outages in the last hour alone. Concerns arose regarding the outage’s connection to Hurricane Beryl, which made landfall on Monday, causing power outages for more than two million people.

In response to the situation, Spectrum stated that crews are working diligently to restore services to the affected areas. However, some customers reported issues with contacting 911 through Spectrum phone service during the outage.

While some institutions like the University Health in San Antonio experienced internet outages, others like the Methodist Hospital System remained unaffected. As the outage persisted, other area hospitals were yet to provide comments on its impact.

Officials from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office revealed that a tower in Houston was the root cause of the outage, emphasizing the widespread impact of the service interruption across the state. As the situation developed, updates were provided to keep the public informed on the progress of service restoration.