Spotify Strikes Controversial New Deal with Joe Rogan – Multi-Year Agreement to Shake Up Podcast World!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Spotify has announced the extension of its partnership with controversial podcast host Joe Rogan. The announcement was made in a post on the company’s corporate blog on Friday. The prior multimillion-dollar deal had made “The Joe Rogan Experience” a Spotify exclusive since 2020. However, the new deal will now make the podcast available on competing platforms such as YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

According to sources reported by The Wall Street Journal, the new multiyear contract with Joe Rogan is worth $250 million. The contract includes an upfront minimum guarantee and a revenue sharing agreement based on ad sales. Rogan’s podcast has consistently been the top podcast on Spotify’s Wrapped since 2020, indicating a strong and loyal audience.

In a recent blog post, Spotify asked Rogan about his interview style and how he prepares for each conversation. Rogan stated that there’s no script for the conversations and that they happen organically in real time. He believes in having genuine conversations with interesting guests, which have reportedly changed his views on life.

While the podcast has a large following, it has also faced criticism. Rogan has been scrutinized for comments made in his podcast, including anti-coronavirus vaccine statements and racial slurs. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek stated in a message to employees that the company would not be parting ways with Rogan, acknowledging the need for change but also emphasizing the importance of not silencing him.

The renewal of the partnership between Spotify and Joe Rogan signifies a significant move in the podcast landscape and highlights the ongoing debate around controversial content and freedom of speech in the media industry. As Rogan’s podcast continues to capture a wide audience, it remains to be seen how this renewed partnership will impact the podcasting world and the ongoing conversations around it.