Stage Collapses Due To High Winds At Music Festival With Deadly Aftermath

One killed, dozens injured as high winds cause stage collapse at Spain festival – Reuters

High winds caused part of the main stage to collapse at the Medusa Festival near the Spanish city of Valencia, killing one person and injuring dozens, emergency services said. Organizers of the festival said extreme weather conditions had caused damage to the site.

Strong winds and a blistering temperature of 40.5 Celsius (104.9 degrees Fahrenheit) caused large crowds of festival attendees to be evacuated from the site. It took 40 minutes to evacuate people from the festival site, with the exit doors functioning properly.

As people left, debris was still being blown around by the wind. Attendees had to be wary of being hit by this debris as they left the festival site.

The extreme weather caused part of a stage at Medusa Festival in Cullera, near Valencia, Spain, to collapse. A 22-year-old man was killed during this collapse after a particularly strong gust of wind.

The weather agency said there had been strong gusts of wind and a sudden rise in temperatures during the night and that tents and festival awnings had been blown away.

Early Saturday morning, festival management announced on Instagram that they had suspended the festival due to inclement weather. Later, they officially canceled the festival, saying it was a “day of mourning” for those affected.

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