Starbucks Moving Toward Automation Amidst Labor Shortage

Starbucks Moving Toward Automation Amidst Labor Shortage

( –  Most companies that survived the pandemic are now open for business, but that doesn’t mean they have enough workers to fill all positions. In fact, Starbucks closed down 400 stores during the lockdowns and is now trying a different approach to the labor shortage. The coffeehouse decided to team up with Amazon and experiment with a cashier-less shop model in Manhattan. The first one opened on November 18.

That means no more waiting in line for a latte or cold brew. Customers can simply order online, use an automated pay system, and pick up their drinks.

For Amazon’s role in the venture, the company will have its own section in the coffeehouse to offer food and other items. When patrons come to grab their Starbucks, they can buy a side salad or sandwich to go with it using their Amazon apps, their palms, or credit cards already in the system. Amazon’s vice president in charge of retail, Dilip Kumar, said it’s like having one’s own personal pantry to get as much as wanted whenever it’s wanted, and “just walk out.”

If the experiment is a success, it might compel other businesses to do the same. Instead of struggling to find workers to interact directly with consumers, this might be the first step to automating at least some of the workforce.

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