Startling Identities of Equifax Hackers Revealed

This isn’t the first time in recent years that Equifax and other credit agencies have had their data breached by hackers. However, this could be the first time in recent history that the Chinese military has been involved with the hack.

The 2017 Equifax data breach that affected more than 147 million individuals has finally been traced back to four members of the Chinese military who have been indicted by the US government. Compromised information includes social security numbers, driver’s license info, addresses, names, and other personal data. Attorney General William Barr addressed the issue during a press conference.

The four individuals have also been accused of stealing Equifax trade secrets, which include database designs and other sensitive information.

Unfortunately, the accused hackers have not been detained. Still, criminal charges have been pressed against them as a statement of what might happen to future hackers who threaten American businesses.

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