State AG’s Son Has Plans for Police

( – One of the movements to come out of protests around the country is a desire by the Left to rip apart police departments. They believe that defunding or dismantling law enforcement is the way to go. It’s leaving many Americans shaking their heads and wondering what they’re thinking.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is prosecuting the cops involved in the George Floyd killing. His son, Jeremiah, has other plans.

Dismantle The Police

Jeremiah Ellison is a Minneapolis city councilman and he recently shared a controversial tweet:

City Council President Lisa Bender (D) agrees that’s what needs to be done. She said not only are they going to dismantle the department, they’re replacing it with a “…transformative new model of public safety.”

A Spreading Movement

The “defund the police” movement is spreading across America. Instead of the government giving money to cops and law enforcement resources, activists want the funding redirected to communities. So, underfunded agencies would become more so, and the training needed to change the training of officers wouldn’t be available.

Sounds reasonable (if you’re missing the common sense part of your brain).

The Left hasn’t realized just how valuable law enforcement is and seems to want the country engulfed in chaos. Los Angeles, for instance, has been a hotbed for criminal activity for a long time, but LA Mayor Eric Garcetti reportedly wants to reduce police funding by $150 million.

Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) spoke out against it on Fox News’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on June 4.

The movement is such a bad idea. We’ve already seen Leftists destroying cities and the only reason they stopped is that cops were out in force. Imagine what life would be like if they succeeded in defining and dismantling police departments. It’s unfathomable.

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