State Caught Bribing Student With Pizza to Get COVID Vaccine

State Caught Bribing Student With Pizza to Get COVID Vaccine

( – As a parent in the United States, you’re responsible for all decisions that affect your minor child, including medical choices, with few exceptions. Imagine California mother Maribel Duarte’s surprise when her 13-year-old son returned from school with a vaccination card showing he received a COVID-19 shot without her consent. The minor child told his mom he agreed to receive the vaccine in exchange for pizza.

Duarte told reporters she was hurt to learn her son succumbed to the shot without her permission. She said although she has her vaccination, her child’s medical conditions gave her pause when considering the shot for him.

Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in South Los Angeles participates in a “safe schools to safe steps incentive program” that gives students prizes if they comply with a COVID-19 shot. Unfortunately for the school, the lack of consent could violate the laws of the county.

California School Vaccination Mandate

In October, California became the first state in the union to incorporate vaccine requirements in order to attend school. Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) announced the coronavirus immunization would be a requirement for in-person school attendance, similar to measles, mumps and diphtheria. However, that doesn’t mean schools can administer vaccinations without parental consent.

According to Los Angeles County, California laws, all minors receiving a vaccine at school must have parental consent, although the parent doesn’t need to be present. Attorney Jennifer Kennedy confirmed children in the Golden State can’t legally consent to vaccinations. In addition, she alleged the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) does not have the authority to add the new shot into the school schedule.

To make matters worse, the woman who administered the vaccine to Duarte’s minor child allegedly told him not to say anything because she didn’t want to “get in trouble.”

Controversy and Government Overreach

Attorney Kennedy stated that vaccine mandates have a negative impact on the school environment, creating an atmosphere of “pressure and bullying” and a divide based on vaccination status. She also highlighted incidents of the accidental vaccination of children in schools.

There are camps for and against vaccinations all over the country, and now it appears to exist in schools as well. Unfortunately, parents aren’t with their kids in schools, so they depend on officials to protect their children and follow the law and their wishes. Vaccinating minors without parental permission seems to be a direct result of government overreach mandating private medical decisions.

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