State Governor to Start Offering Bribes for Vaccinations

State Governor to Start Offering Bribes for Vaccinations

( – Maryland has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country with more than 73% of the state being fully jabbed. But, it’s not good enough for Republican Governor Larry Hogan, though. He’s now bribing fully-vaccinated residents to get another dose.

On Tuesday, February 8, Hogan announced a lottery where the state will award residents cash prizes totaling $2 million. The lottery will begin on February 15 with an initial drawing of $500,000. After that, there will be 10 weeks of $50,000 drawings and on May 3, a $1-million grand prize.

Hogan is calling the booster lottery “Vax Cash 2.0.” In order to qualify, residents must have received the third vaccination, be at least 18 years old, live in the state and have received all of their shots in Maryland.

In a statement, the governor said he believes the COVID-19 Omicron surge demonstrated the importance of getting the booster shot to “minimize the impact” of the virus and its variants so the country can move past the pandemic.

The problem with Hogan’s statement is although the vaccine does reportedly lessen the impact of the virus, it doesn’t stop the spread. The Omicron variant has impacted both the vaccinated and unvaccinated because of dozens of mutations to its spike protein making it almost impossible to be stopped by extra jabs.

Maryland residents don’t have to take any extra steps to be entered into the drawings – other than getting a third dose.

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