State Makes Anti-Police Moves

State Makes Anti-Police Moves

( – Protesters across the country have spent weeks demanding law enforcement reforms. Congress and President Trump have both taken steps to improve relations between the police and community, but one state took it a step further. Lawmakers in Colorado specifically targeted protections for officers.

On June 19, Governor Jared Polis (D) signed a police reform bill into law. The legislation would outlaw chokeholds, something most people agree with and makes other changes that aren’t controversial. The Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity Act strips officers of their qualified immunity. That means accused criminals can sue the cops who arrest them if they feel as if they’ve had their civil rights violated.

Until now, officers in the state have been protected from frivolous lawsuits. The idea is that if they’re in danger of being held liable while performing the duties of their jobs, they could be sued into bankruptcy. As a result of the law, reports indicate many officers are thinking about resigning. Can you blame them?

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