State of Emergency Extended After Fears of Antifa

State of Emergency Extended After Fears of Antifa

( – Members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioted in Portland, Oregon, following the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin case. The groups celebrated with violence that saw one police officer punched in the face and multiple businesses vandalized. In response, Mayor Ted Wheeler extended the state of emergency in the city on April 21, which will allow him to set a curfew and close the streets.

There have been two arrests so far, but the destruction continues and is becoming increasingly worse. Some leaders in the community are calling for peace and a stop to the violent rioting. Dr. LeRoy Hanyes, a Portland faith leader and civil rights advocate, pleaded with the groups to “march nonviolently,” but even his words have had no effect. It’s only a hope that the move by the mayor will be enough to free the city from the grasp of rioters.

However, without strong law enforcement to protect private property and businesses, the destructive behavior will likely continue for some time. Because there is any level of rioting and destruction with a “guilty” verdict points to the belief that these lawless groups are not interested in justice, but only want to disrupt society with their domestic terrorists-like behavior.

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