State Representatives Hold Philadelphia Prosecutor In Contempt For Defying Subpoena


The Pa. House voted to hold Philly DA Larry Krasner in contempt for defying a subpoena – The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted to hold Larry Krasner, the liberal chief prosecutor of Philadelphia, in contempt for refusing to cooperate with a legislative committee investigating his possible impeachment. The vote came on the first day of the trial of Eric Ruch Jr.

Representative Josh Kail said that Mr. Krasner’s policies were sending the wrong signal to criminals and that it would lead to a situation where people would not have a respect for the law.

In 2019, the Pennsylvania legislature passed a law allowing the state attorney general to prosecute gun crimes in Philadelphia.

The select committee was charged with investigating Philadelphia’s gun violence, the enforcement of crime victims’ rights, and the use of funds designated for prosecuting crime and supporting crime victims. It was empowered to recommend both legislation and impeachment.

The Pennsylvania House is considering impeaching District Attorney Larry Krasner for his policies on enforcement, plea bargains, bail and the investigation of law enforcement officers. Krasner has objected to the subpoena, arguing that it violates the separation of legislative and executive powers.

Since the mass shooting on South Street in Philadelphia on June 4, city officials and gun-control advocates have called for federal and state legislation to tighten restrictions on firearms. But Pennsylvania courts have thrown out city gun laws, citing the state’s “pre-emption clause” that prohibits municipal laws from overstepping state law.

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