State Sanctions Illegals

State Sanctions Illegals

( – At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the economy and millions of Americans are out of work, you might think states would protect jobs. Sadly, it doesn’t seem New Jersey got the memo.

On July 30, the State Assembly passed a bill that’ll allow illegals to get occupational and professional licenses. Alyana Alfaro, Governor Phil Murphy’s (D) spokesperson, said the state’s executive believes there shouldn’t be “barriers” preventing people who aren’t supposed to in the US from participating in society.

The Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) says the bill is going to cost American jobs. State and Local Engagement Director Shari Randall pointed out Murphy’s state has “1.3 million unemployed individuals…,” now NJ is now incentivizing illegal immigration to the detriment of Americans.

US citizens are professionals, too, and frankly, this is their country. Someone who’s trespassing should not reap the same benefits as a person born here. Right now, we need every job we can find to help Americans through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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