State Uses “Weighted Lottery” to Make Life and Death Decisions

( – Picture this: you have COVID-19 and you’re deteriorating quickly. Instead of taking your chances by continuing to try to heal at home, you go to the hospital in the hope the doctors can help you out. You’re not concerned about the bill, you’ve done well for yourself and you have insurance.

You’re getting worse by the day and your family is concerned now. The physician tells you there is a treatment, an antiviral drug Remdesivir, that’s been shown to reduce the risk of death in very sick patients by 62%. Great! You have a chance.

Unfortunately, you can’t get the drug. You’re not poor.

Low-Income Patients Given Preferential Treatment

You’re probably thinking there’s no way that’s happening in the United States of America. A bombshell report by Fox News says it is.

The former lt. governor of NY and current chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, Betsy McCaughey, said states like Pennsylvania and South Carolina are using a weighted lottery system to determine which patients get Remdesivir. She said the states are doing “social engineering” where they’re tilting the scales to make sure the drug is being given to people in “low-income areas.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Health confirmed the use of the system and said it’s meant to “redress inequities” in the healthcare system. McCaughey warned these decisions could end up hurting middle-class people.

Playing God

Instead of addressing inequities, it seems the system is causing them. People who have made a nice life for themselves are suddenly being punished for doing so. As if their life is less valuable or they are less loved.

The reality is, the hospitals should not be giving anyone preferential treatment. All patients should be tested the same. By tipping the scales, these states are playing God.

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